Unit 4 Collaborations

Today we’ll be discussing the 6 effective collaboration strategies for Instagram! These can be implemented to collab with your friends, other growing influencers, or even businesses for reciprocal growth.

Collaborations are a lot of fun and can be highly effective for growth as your account experiences greater exposure, reach, and hopefully - followers. Before we get into it, here are a few tips to assist your collab journey for optimal success.


TIP 1:

The last three weeks have focused on building your Instagram through hashtags, aesthetics, and engagement - all strategies you can implement and develop yourself. Once you have built your way up to 1000+ followers (a rough guideline but shows your starting to grow) and have created a consistent aesthetic feed over the last few months, you may be ready for Instagram collaborations (YAY!). Before this, it may be a good idea to focus on creating and building your account so you have more appeal to other accounts and so your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed when collabs do occur.


TIP 2:

When you approach accounts or businesses for potential collabs, they’re looking for an active audience on your account. This is similar to the Insta algorithm which favors active engagement (i.e. consistent liking and commenting) on your post. In fact, the most recent updates to the algorithm have leveled the playing field by rewarding high percentages of engagement (rather than followers) by placing posts on the explore page from small and large accounts. So, make sure your following is real as the ratio of follows to engagement represents your account's real market reach to a prospective collaborator.

TIP 3:

Next, you need to choose who to collab with. Teaming up with other influencers is great – it’s a chance to capture their followers and in the long run, you can also build an awesome community within your industry. For optimal growth, it’s important to pick someone that works well with your niche, so your account appeals to their followers and vice versa. More optionally, but still to your advantage, you should also reach out to accounts with a similar aesthetic, so that your photos will mesh well on their account and increasing their likelihood to collab. After all, your goal is to gain, not lose followers, so remain authentic by only working with accounts that your audience will enjoy.

ACTION: Spend 30 minutes searching IG for accounts that fit well with yours that you’d potentially like to work with. Aim for similar followings, so the appeal is equal on both halves.


Now that’s done, let’s get into it!



  1. Take Over Each Other’s Page

By swapping control of each other’s page for a day, you can provide diverse interactions and a new voice on your stories and feed. This can draw renewed attention to your own account, whilst letting followers make a connection with the other account leading to follower gains.

  1. Do a Photoshoot Together

This is a highly effective way of ensuring audience crossover. Get together and take a few casual snaps, or organize a bangin’ photoshoot to create some great content for both of your feeds. When posting, tag each other in the photos to draw organic interest towards the other person and encourage followers to check out the other person’s profile by ‘self-discovery’; a strategy that influences greater brand loyalty in the long run.

  1. Make a Video Together

Get creative with a short but sweet clip featuring both influencers. This video should be posted on both profiles with direct links to the other person’s account to again, encourage followers to check out their accounts. If engaging, viewers will not only be more inclined to follow involved accounts but will increase your ranking by Instagram’s algorithm by keeping users on your post for a longer amount of time than a photo post.

  1. Run a Contest of Giveaway Together

Giveaways that offer an appealing prize to your audience are great for building your account’s engagement and reaching new potential followers in your niche. Including similar accounts to yours in a combined giveaway is a fun way to build hype and increase exposure for the giveaway, producing more entries and growth. It’s important that the giveaway entry criteria accomplish the goal of growing both your audiences – ask entrants to follow both accounts amongst other possible conditions such as a comment or like, share, or tag friends on the post (further increasing potential reach).

  1. Start a Page Together

This is a collab not often thought of by influencers, yet highly effective if done well! This strategy works particularly well with best friends who have a similar niche and spend a lot of time together already. For example, you could collaborate on style, photography, or general content creation as a lovable duo, giving the account a unique edge and double exposure to your main accounts if your collab page becomes popular.

  1. Work Together on Sponsorships

If you have connections or relationships with other budding or already successful influencers, why not leverage the duo appeal when working with brands for content creation or advertising. This offer can make the deal even more attractive for the brand involved, as duo posts can create a more authentic sponsored post where customers can envision the product or service in their own real-life scenarios. Businesses can also increase their potential reach through both influencer’s following.


Not only should these strategies help grow your Instagram – you’ll hopefully have some fun with friends along the way, and make new connections where we can all learn and grow together.

“Talent wins a game, but teamwork wins championships.” – Michael Jordan