Unit 1 Hashtag Strategy

Using hashtag is one of the biggest things you can do to increase your following.

As we know, hashtag takes a great role in Instagram. If you are not hash-tagging, simply no one except your current following will see your posts, and sometimes only 10-20% of your following if that.

For most Instagrammers, they used to try hashtags before with no success, but they may be lacking strategy. Hashtags won't guarantee exposure without a strategy behind them and believe me, it takes time and you need to follow these tips.


  1. Instagram Algorithm favorites good quality photos, so if you're still using your mum's iPhone 3 its time for an update. 


  1. The more engagement, comments, and likes you can get in the first hour will help determine how high up you will be ranked for your hashtags. Hence the need to appear in the top posts for your for optimal exposure!




At the moment Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, and most people believe that maximizing the number of hashtags you use will give you more exposure. However, Instagram’s algorithm has cracked down on accounts spamming the maximum hashtags limit.
Especially when consistently posting the same repetitive tags, it will reduce the number of people who see your post - so remember to mix it up.

Currently, as of 2020 algorithm updates, it is optimal to use different yet relevant hashtags of around 5- 20 per post. 



You should aim to stay on top of which hashtags are trending, as these tags do not necessarily have the same high-volume competition as common, widely used tags, and target what users in your category (whether it be fashion, beauty, beach, food, fitness) are currently and actively searching for.

The newer the trend, the better, as widely used hashtags weaken the strength of your content as you are competing with potentially millions of other posts under that hashtag, with more powerful, larger accounts.

In this case, it is unlikely you will ever reach the top posts for that tag as the competition is too fierce, in comparison with a budding, trending and less saturated hashtag that you can appear in the top posts.

For this reason, it is important to choose your hashtags that match your account strength and will help you grow quicker. Which brings me to your first weekly task!

TASK: Follow these simple and proven steps for Instagram growth through optimizing your hashtag use!

  1. Come up with a list of hashtags that relevant to your insta photos, category or niche. Aim for 50+ as you’ll be trialing the popularity of each hashtag and how this best works for your exposure. 
  2. Search each of these hashtags in Instagram and write down how many uses each tag has.

    If you are a smaller account (e.g. 500-2000) you should start with hashtags used less than 50,000 times. 

        If you have a moderate following of 5,000-10,000, test hashtags used up to 250,000 times.

        and if you have more than 10,000 followers scale up accordingly. 
  3. Implement using a range of hashtags you wrote down that have higher and lower usage. Post a photo and In 12 hours, check those tags to see if you have reached the top posts or close for each range. This will tell you which hashtag range you should focus on, which trends and topics relate to your category, and use these to your advantage to grow your account.
  4. If your post didn’t show in many or any top posts, you should focus on less popular hashtags until you are in the top posts. Similarly, if your posts appeared in most or all hashtags, you can experiment with more competitive tags as your account is more powerful. Basically, you're discovering wherein the range of competitiveness of hashtags your account falls. If you’re only using competitive hashtags, you may not show up at all, and the hashtags have been pointless, whereas growing your account up in newer or less popular hashtags through appearing in top posts will enable to you build your way up to more competitive hashtags.
  5. Lastly, conduct this hashtag research every few weeks to track your growth and upgrade your hashtag use.

I hope this has helped you gals with a bit of direction for your own insta growth and we look forward to bringing you more valuable information soon !